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Erik D.Peterson, MD

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Dr.Erik Peterson

Dr. Peterson is a board-certified, fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon who is a native of the Sioux Falls area. After graduating from Brandon Valley High School, he attended South Dakota State University...

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What is

Partial Knee Replacement

Dr. Peterson specializes in a minimally invasive partial knee replacement procedure that replaces only the degenerative or worn portions of your knee and preserves the normal ligaments and non-degenerative joint cartilage. The advantages of the partial knee replacement are numerous. Most importantly, the recovery time is substantially less (approximately half) compared with full knee replacement. There is less pain and quicker return to activities. Dr. Peterson says “I am constantly amazed by how quickly my partial knee replacement patients recover! There is no question that the knee feels more natural compared to a full knee replacement. This is likely due to preservation of your normal ACL and PCL ligaments. Typically crutches and cane are discontinued before 2 weeks and recovery can be expected to be mostly completed by 4-6 weeks.” Dr. Peterson performs this procedure through a minimally invasive approach called “Subvastus”. While training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN he became proficient in using this approach for most knee replacements including total and partial knees.

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